Hillsboro First United Methodist Church

builders Sunday school class

You are Welcome Here!

Church Phone: 931-596-3311

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E-mail: hillsboroumc@benlomand.net

Hillsboro First United Methodist Church

P.O. Box 65

305 Winchester Hwy.

Hillsboro, TN 37342

We have some widows in our class and one of them recently said, “There is no better place to be on a Sunday morning than in the Builder’s Class.”


We take pride in trying to be present when the class begins at 9:45 a.m.  Each Sunday morning we begin with sharing the concerns of our church family and our local community.  Whether the concern is health or some other issue, we recognize the power of prayer.  Our class encourages open discussion as we study lessons from the Adult Bible Studies, based on the International Sunday School Lessons for Christian Teaching.  The lessons are currently led by five different members of our class on a weekly rotation.  Class comments are welcomed, valued, and respected.


We welcome anyone interested in becoming a part of our class and sincerely believe it will be a good experience.