Hillsboro First United Methodist Church

Sunday School

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Hillsboro First United Methodist Church

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2nd graders-4th grade Class  We are learning bible stories, parables, and life situations that pertain to our lessons.  We often do our story in the form of a play or skit and read scripture that relates to each story.  We try to make learning fun.  The children enjoy racing to look up relevant scriptures and performing charades about our lessons.  Our class attendance is growing.


Middle School Class - Come join our Middle School group as we grow and learn together.  We take a broad look at the Bible to enhance our understanding of the story of God's people.  Be a part of our class as we work together to  build  Hearts of Faith while having fun along the way.


The Searchers Class -The Searchers Class is made up of both singles and couples, mostly in their 50’s and 60’s, although all ages are welcome.  We usually study the International Lesson Series and several class members take turns leading the lesson.  We welcome all visitors and invite them to join us in the study of God’s Word.


The Builders Sunday School Class, formed in 1948 or 1949, has a long history of faithful attendance and a deep desire for growing as Christians through studying the Bible.  We have 20 members on roll, with an average attendance of 14.  Our class has no age limits.  Many of us have shared our joys and sorrows as we watched our children grow to adulthood, marry, and bless us with grandchildren, even great-grandchildren.


The Friendship Class began in the early nineteen eighties as the “new” young adult class.  We started with 3 faithful members and have grown through the years. Presently, the men and women of our class range in age from the late forties to early sixties, but any age is welcome.  Our class name is very appropriate because first and foremost, we are Christian friends with common interests.  We support one another through good times and difficult situations.  We laugh and cry together, celebrate and grieve together, and help each other in every circumstance.


The Cultivators Class.  Why are we called the Cultivators? A group of young farmers started this class. They decided that “Cultivators” sounded like a good name to describe what we wanted to do...grow in our knowledge of God. The class began in the early 2000’s as the college class but has grown through the years to include mostly people in their 30’s and 40’s, but all ages are welcome. We are open to different types of Biblical studies that are decided upon by the class. We usually choose a book and study it for several months going chapter by chapter. We plan several activities each year in addition to Sunday morning including dinner and shopping for an “Angel” at Christmastime, an annual Christmas party, occasional breakfast gatherings with our families before church for fellowship and “game night” at the Thompson Hall Community Center. We would love to have you as a part of our class.

You are Welcome Here!