Hillsboro First United Methodist Church

Visions Committee

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E-mail: hillsboroumc@benlomand.net

Hillsboro First United Methodist Church

P.O. Box 65

305 Winchester Hwy.

Hillsboro, TN 37342

You are Welcome Here!


Our church has a committee that was developed to examine how we can better take Christ to the community. The committee is an ad hoc team made up of Administrative Council Chair Bill Myers, Lay Leader Jim Bramblett, Mission Chairperson Mandy Willis, Evangelism Chair Deanna Lawson, Children and Youth Leaders Susan McKelvey and Mandy Smith, Sunday School Class representatives Tom Foster - Susan Foster and Linda Willis, and the Pastor, Kent Bailey. We call ourselves the Visions Team because we are trying to envision new and better ways of making Hillsboro First UMC an inviting and worshipful place for both our members and the unchurched community. We have had many good ideas presented and we hope to have more for the future.


If planning outreach type activities and programs appeals to you, you are welcome to visit or become a team member. Or if you have a program, activity, study, or outreach you would like to see the church undertake, just present it to a team member. In the meantime, be looking and listening for ways our church can serve Christ by serving the community.



Visions Committee Working Document