Hillsboro First United Methodist Church

Who we are

Church Phone: 931-596-3311

Pastor Phone: 

E-mail: hillsboroumc@benlomand.net

Hillsboro First United Methodist Church

P.O. Box 65

305 Winchester Hwy.

Hillsboro, TN 37342

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Vision Statement



The Hillsboro First United Methodist Church seeks to be an evangelical church with a social passion. It is our desire to minister to all persons within the community of Hillsboro.

We seek to fulfill this ministry by:


Proclaiming God’s Word – as the inspired word of God, which contains all things essential for our salvation.


Teaching God’s Word – from a distinctly Wesleyan perspective with the emphasis being on Wesley’s optimism of Grace.


Living God’s Word – by seeking to allow Jesus Christ to be manifested in our daily lives by the way we live, talk,

and relate to all persons.